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Middle School

Ages 11-14

Learning Based on Adventure & Group Challenges

Every student is a hero, on a hero’s journey. We at Earthy Academy believe students discover that journey by having the freedom to explore many different subjects which interest them. With that freedom, they will find what they are truly passionate about.

Early teenage students want to be challenged, they want to go out and explore, experience the world, learn hands on, discover new things for themselves, and feel belonging in a cooperative and kind group of peers.

The middle school experience is more open ended and expansive, having more privileges, and adventure opportunities than the Lower school.
Developing social skills and creating a strong sense of culture are big priorities in the middle school years. Various group activities, games, and challenges will be implemented daily- giving every student a chance to be a leader, problem solver, peace maker, and team player.


Students learn through Quests

Quests are thought provoking challenges, often with many different methods in which they can be solved. Instead of being taught-to, students learn by becoming genuinely curious and interested in all the various elements they must become familiar with in order to solve the quest.

Quests in many different subjects happen daily, with students free to choose which subjects interest them most. The various subjects include:

– Mathematics
– Science
– Reading
– Technology (programming & computer skills)
– Art & Ceramics
– Music
– Geology
– Geography
– Foreign Language
– Dance
– Theater

Writing is emphasized in every quest. Students will have daily opportunities to write down thoughts, concepts learned, create poetry, write essays and peer read other student’s essays. Having the ability to articulate one’s thoughts in a clear and concise way is a skill Earthy Academy regards highly.


Nature explorations and travel are a big emphasis in the Earthy Academy middle school. Students will be challenged to select and plan many of the travel destinations and adventures. Smaller adventures will occur throughout the month, with large travel excursions happening several times during the year. Examples of these adventures could include:

-River & Waterfall Hikes
– Backpacking
– Scuba Diving
– Snorkeling
– Boat Excursions
– Camping & Star Gazing
– Rock Climbing
– Paddle boarding
– Kayaking/Canoeing
– River Rafting


Middle School students will have opportunities to explore different farms and trails throughout the island, helping them to develop a love of nature and respect for the Aina. While on field trips, students will be outside daily and are expected to dress appropriately for rainy weather (rain coat, pants & boots which can be stored overnight in their cubbies). Beautiful Maui’s temperature ranges from 65 degrees F to 80 degrees F year round, so it is always warm enough to be outside.

Daily Schedule

Because some students are naturally early risers and some are not- parents are free to drop off students starting at 8 am through 9 am

8 am- 9:15 am: Free Time
9:15 am- 9:30 am: Socratic Discussion
9:30 am- 10 am: Group Challenge
10 am- 10:15 am: Daily Tasks
10:15 am- 12 am: Quests
12 pm- 12:30 pm: Lunch
12:30 pm- 2 pm: Quest
2 pm- 2:45 pm: Free Time
2:45 pm- 3 pm: Closing Discussion & Tidy Up
3 pm – 3:15: Pickup
3:15 pm – 5 pm: Aftercare (paid $7 per hour)


Creating a culture of inclusion, empathy, kindness, generosity, and respect is our most important priority at Earthy Academy. When our culture feels like everyone is family, and we all take care of each other- then all other learning aspects fall into place. We are constantly seeking to create a culture of cooperation instead of competition. We use story to paint a deep and impactful image of the journey each student is embarking upon when entering Earthy Academy. They are the hero, on a hero’s journey- and we are here to only be the guide.

This is a journey of self discovery as much as it is of self-growth. Your teen will become a part of something bigger than him/herself and you will be amazed at how they will rise to the occasion.

Grade Alternatives

Earthy Academy does not give out letter grades. Instead, we utilize a sophisticated software which systematically tracks every piece of work accomplished by the student. Students earn “Badges” by completing all required quests, papers and other assignments outlined in a certain subject.

Earthy Academy does not highly regard the ability to memorize and recite information, instead badges can only be obtained once information and skills have been learned, applied and demonstrated. This method ensures mastery in each subject.


Learn more about Middle School Admissions HERE

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