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What Makes Earthy Academy Different?

Students connect with nature
all day, every day on the Earthy Academy
36 acre farm & tropical forest.

Students are free daily to choose which
activities and projects they want to work on.

Challenging hands-on projects to
learn subjects and gain skills experientially.

No Grades. Our Tracker software organizes every piece of work accomplished. Students earn “Badges” showing skills have been learned, applied and demonstrated.

Exploration, adventure, and travel opportunities help students gain confidence, build skills, and bond with each other.

Creating a culture of inclusion, empathy, kindness, generosity, and love is a huge priority. Everyone is family, and we all take care of each other.

Acton Academy began innovating a student-led learning model 10 years ago at their first school in Austin, TX. Now the Acton network has over 100+ schools world wide. Earthy Academy is a franchise of Acton Academy.

Students will use full size laptops daily and acquire skills in the following mainstream technologies: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Windows 10,  Photo & Video Editing, Resume Building, Coding, STEAM & other skills necessary in the modern workplace

The use of technology accelerates learning up to 3x faster than traditional curriculums through personalized and self paced lessons. Earthy Academy uses both technology & nature to create an ideal learning environment to help students grow in both mind and body.

Our Curriculum

The Hero's Journey

Every student is a hero, on a hero’s journey. We at Earthy Academy believe students discover that journey by having the freedom to explore many different subjects which interest them. With that freedom, they will find what they are truly passionate about.

We focus on feeding your child’s love of learning. When every subject becomes a hands-on discovery, your child will be excited every day to learn new things, gain new skills, see new places and make new friends.


Earthy Academy will help your child to:

  • Excel in and master all academic subjects with fun and hands-on quests
  • Foster a love and respect of nature and plants
  • Gain skills and build character through adventure and travel
  • Build social skills to become a leader, idea generator and team play

Learning Through Play

Kids learn 10x faster when they are excited and passionate about what they’re learning. Instead of being “taught at” by teachers, our Earthy Academy Guides introduce students to concepts by challenging them with “quests”.

Quests are open ended, often real world problems which require critical thinking, team work, and creativity to solve. Not only are students learning the information required to solve the quest, they are also gaining social skills, leadership skills, and critical thinking experience.

Faster Learning
Concepts Mastered
More time for Fun & Adventure

There is a Better Alternative

A School to Prepare Students for the Real World

In a day and age with Google, memorization of facts is no longer a valued skill. Instead the best universities and companies are looking for confident young adults that can think flexibly, problem solve, and be a team player and a leader. 

Preparing children for the future means ensuring they graduate with passion, curiosity and a drive to push themselves to do hard things.  Every student is a hero, on a hero’s journey and we are dedicated to helping your child discover his/her passions and feel empowered and confident enough to pursue them. 

Middle School & High School

Adventure & Travel

Are you ready to take your child's learning to a whole new level?

Earthy Academy has been specifically designed to integrate all the best aspects from the different educational philosophies such as Waldorf, Montessori  Homeschooling, & Unschooling

Freedom to Learn

Wouldn’t you like your child coming home every day excited about what they built, explored, figured out and discovered? When students have freedom to choose what they do each day- they develop a deep love of learning.

Be their Own Person

Students are encouraged to be their own person, with unique ways of solving problems and viewing the world. Earthy Academy is not an assembly line seeking to create an neatly packaged “end product” student.

Time for Fun

Childhood should be spent outside exploring nature- not inside sitting at a desk. Earthy Academy uses quests to challenge students both physically and mentally, helping them build coordination, flexibility and confidence.

Begin Your Adventure Today

Admissions and Tour Inquiry

Affordable Fruits & Veggies

Earthy Farm is dedicated to providing affordable organic fruits and veggies to community families. A farm stand will be open for parents to purchase produce. Proceeds will help the students raise funds to cover travel expenses. 

Parent and Toddler Farm Play

We want Earthy Farm to be enjoyed by everyone!  Come learn about organic farming and help care for the critters in our animal sanctuary.  Opening Winter 2019

Become a Part of Our Community

We value the importance of building a close-knit community. Many adventures and camp-outs will include the whole family. Parents are encouraged to participate as much as possible. 

Earthy Academy

Located in Maui Hawaii


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